It took all of us a long way to get here. Some of us were working for multi-national corporations, some were self-employed or had their own businesses. What unites us is the true belief that we can change the world for our kids.


 Chief Executive Officer

Evgeny is not just someone who thinks outside the box – he is the one who doesn’t even see the box. True innovator, visionary, a leader, a TED speaker and a lot of fun.  

Alex Belenky

Advisor to CEO 

Alex combines amazing technology expertise with world’s best business development practices. His advisory based on his experience at Google and Wrike helps Biolink to be very business focussed.

Kirill Zorin

 R&D team lead 

Kirill knows how to run software development by the pragmatic way.

Dmitriy Parshkov

Head of Hardware Development 

Dmitry is an engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He specializes in crypto and secure communication devices, Robotics, SLAM algorithms, and hardware based AI system. He leads Hardware development office in San Diego, California.