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It's personal
The Biolink.Tech leadership team not only has relevant experience in cyber security, data management, privacy, healthcare, consumer products and finance, but we have also all been through a personal health and wellbeing journey that fuels our passion for Biolink.Tech.

The R&D team led by Andrey, has world-class skills such as machine learning and AI techniques, encryption and gamification.

Biolink.Tech is supported by a team of sophisticated private investors and advisors with access to capital markets and rich experience in technology, AI, cybersecurity, healthcare and government policy.
Evgeny Cheresnev
Founder and CEO
Lost 20kg over 12 months Cyborg & Capoeira fanatic.
Ian Holt
Commercial Director
Managing Partner of BSA Consulting (Insurance and Banking Strategy Consultancy)
Founder of 15+ start-up/FinTech businesses
Avinash Bajaj
Chief Product Officer
10+ years of product management experience. Entrepreneurial experience in B2C and B2B ecommerce, SaaS and consumer products.
Andrey Nikishin
Chief Technical Officer
Ex Competitive bodybuilder, now slim and fit as a spring.
Ilya Egorkin
Head of Product Development
Previously senior project manager and presale manager at Positive Technologies — one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world. Very deep understanding of cybersecurity, R&D process and Product development. Master's cybersecurity degree at Baumann State Technical University (MIT peer in Russia).
Mikhail Bogdanovich
Head of UX/GUI and Design
Art director, designer. Has strong experience in designing customer journeys for software products. Previously GUI/UX Lead at Kaspersky Lab for B2C projects. Managed GUI/UX for Kaspersky Security Cloud for all platforms. Has run his own business (art and design agency). Very goal oriented.
Vladimir Skvortsov
Software Development Expert
Expert in UNIX/Linix/Windows/iOS software development as well as system administrations with deep experience in cyber security. Former Kaspersky Lab Software development Group manager responsible for development Kaspersky Fraud Prevention. Serial inventor — holds 5 US patents.
Maria Namestnikova
Gamification architect
Previously game designer in Mail.ru Allods Team — Core Mechanics. Has strong experience in game design, learning curve of the game, game design of quests and computer generated characters.